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How much are dues?

For the 2019 season dues will be $900 plus additional cost for ‘ensemble gear.'

‘Ensemble gear’ will include and not limited to shoes, under uniform gear such as compression shorts and shirts, in ears and more.



What is the rehearsal schedule like?


The schedule will be Friday nights through Sunday afternoons. The ensemble will take major holidays off for personal celebration. Show weekends will follow the same principles and will be adjusted appropriately.


How will the ensemble travel?


Travel varies from personal transportation (carpooling) to charter buses. It will vary off the travel distance and resources available.


Can I be in high school and become a member of Chattanooga Independent?


WGI policy states that:

    “...WGI discourages independent units from utilizing membership composed of any high school students who were previously enrolled in an active indoor percussion high school program and have not yet graduated…”

Auditions are a great way of learning new ideas and approaches to your craft but CI will not recruit or give membership to those from a high school program that has an active indoor drumline.


Where does the ensemble stay?


Chattanooga Independent DOES NOT provide housing. The ensemble stays with other members from the area. We will help ensure housing once the ensemble is set and all members are contracted. Housing WILL BE provided on overnight show days/ Finals week.


Do I have to play a traditional marching percussion instrument?


Chattanooga Independent is a educational performance group and therefore stands to help foster the desire to learn and perform through all art. We welcome piano players, bass players, dancers, guitar players, drumet player and more.



Do not be afraid to contact us for further information!